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Every user, who are logged in, and have the right amount of printing quota, are able to print to the previously installed printers. The amount of printing quota may differ for each person. The printing amount of staff and faculty members are unlimited, MA and PHD students get their quota at the starting of each semester. If you are out of quota, you can buy additional credits at the Cash Desk (Nador utca 9., Monument Building basement, for further details about the opening hours please read point #9 of the FAQ: Budget and Finance Office). Note: Be careful with buying, because printing quotas are NOT transferable to another person, neither can be re-exchanged.

On the following sites you will find all the information required for the proper usage of the printers.

On the videos you can see, how to complete various tasks on the new multifunctional printers. Information cards will guide you through the working of the displays located on the printers. User Guides will help you get to know the complete operation spectrum of each printer.


Step1: Install the iPrint Client
Step2: Install a Printer
Step3: Printing



Follow these steps in order to print from your own laptop to any one of the grayscale multifunctional machines in CEU in the laptop area or dormitory room.


Step 1: Install the iPrint Client

The iPrint client only needs to be installed onto your workstation once.


Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

[Install iPrint Client on Windows]

Supported Web Browsers

* Firefox 2.0 or later
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later


Other Requirements

* Your web browser must have JavaScript Enabled.
* You must be logged into your workstation with Administrator-level rights.
* You must be connected to the CEU Network.


NOTE: The iPrint Client for Windows uses ActiveX controls when using Internet Explorer. By default, Internet Explorer's "Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins" are enabled.
If this has been changed, you need to re-enable it for iPrint to work correctly. This setting is found in Tools > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Custom Level.


Installation Instructions

1. Click the Install iPrint Client link at the top of this page to download the installer.
2. Save the nipp.exe file to your local hard drive.
3. Open the file from that location. (The default location is often your Desktop.)
4. The install is "silent" - if there are no errors, the client installed successfully. There is now a small Novell iPrint icon in the system tray.

iPrint System Tray Icon

5. Exit and restart all instances of your web browser.




[Install iPrint Client on Mac]


iPrint Client Requirements


* MacOS 10.2 (Jaguar) through 10.5 (Leopard)
* Safari 1.2 or later, Safari 2.0.1 or later, or Mozilla-based Web browser (Firefox)
Safari 3.x is not supported at this time


Installation Instructions


1. Click the Install iPrint Client link at the top of this page to download the installer.
2. Once the file finishes downloading, open the file from the desktop.

3. NOTE: Be sure to close down the Printer Set-up Utility before proceeding.
4. Open the iPrint.pkg file.

5. Follow the install instructions.
6. Exit and restart all instances of your web browser before installing printers.


Step 2: Install a Printer

Please go to this page and click the LaptopPrinter icon.


The first time you install a printer using iPrint, you may be prompted to enter your Microsoft username and password. This is the same username but a different password you use to login to any of the Windows computers on campus.


* Enter your Microsoft username and password
* Click the "Remember my password" checkbox to avoid having to enter your password each time you use a printer.
* Click OK.

Once authenticated, you will be asked if you want to install the printer now.

To specify that the printer be your Default Printer, click on the "Set printer as default" checkbox. Click Yes.


Step 3: Printing

Once you have installed the printer, you can send your print job to the Multigray printer. After clicking on Print a popup window may appear where you have to authenticate yourself with your CEU Microsoft account. Now you can find the closest Multigray machine where you can retrieve your document using your ID card the same way as in the computer labs.



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» User's Guide

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